New Job in Kenly

Local Agency is seeking accounting talent for Accounts Payable positions in Kenly. The agency is here is Wilson and would like resumes as soon as possible. Copy & Paste your resume below or Email LocalJobs@TheWilsonPost (Subject Line is AP Job #9852)



The accounts payable clerk compiles and maintains accounts payable records.

Essential Functions

Reviews all invoices for appropriate documentation and approval prior to payment.

  1. Prints and obtains signatures on all accounts payable checks.
  2. Distributes signed checks as required.
  3. Prepares garnishment checks per reports from payroll.
  4. Acts as liaison between corporate and branch accounts payable departments.
  5. Answers all vendor inquiries.
  6. Maintains all accounts payable reports, spreadsheets and corporate accounts payable files.
  7. Assists corporate financial officers and branch personnel as necessary.
  8. Prepares cleared checks for storage.
  9. Assembles and processes overnight shipments to branches.
  10. Assists in monthly closings.
  11. Prepares analysis of accounts, as required.
  12. Performs filing and coping.


  1. Problem Solving/Analysis.
  2. Customer/Client Focus.
  3. Results Driven.
  4. Flexibilty.

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