Community Middle Schools

Parents Panic per Pills in Middle School

Wilson Parents Seek Solutions for Drugs in Forest Hills


Students, Teachers, and Parents all are concern about yesterday’s event at Forest Hills Middle School. As the internet learned from concerned parents on Facebook, that students overdosed from taking pills. Parents of the 7th-grade students reported that the children were approached by other kids to purchase the narcotic Percocet for $5. Some students were just given the drug. Unofficially, students rumored to see 2 female students taking 5-6 pills at one time. Roughly this took place at 12:30.

Drugs in school are a serious problem in America for students. It is not new news that problems like this have been present for many generations in Wilson County. Graduate students of Wilson County Schools reflect on the events when students were caught using drugs and more over the years.

What can be done? What can we as parents do? If we get more involved in the parent-student associations, also known as the PTA, we can be better equipped to help the teachers that we send our children to for 7.5 hours a day. Willing to accept any thoughts or suggestions.

-A Concerned Parent


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