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4 Tips For Delighting Your Righteous Relationship

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God said, “It is not good that man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18) and that finding a wife is “a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22).

Take a date to Sunday morning services and then ask them to brunch! You’ll get to honor God by worshipping together and then you’ll extend the celebration with a mouthwatering meal. Plus, if you run out of things to talk about, you can reference the sermon. Keep Christ in the middle of your relationship at all times. Christ is the foundation on which you are building upon!
God doesn’t miss anything!
Here’s a little tip, God doesn’t miss anything! He sees everything!  And when you are pure towards Him, He makes sure that everything goes in your favor, even when it looks like it’s not. (2 Chronicles 16:9) He’s paying close attention to you and what’s coming after you that you aren’t even aware of.
Just chill… God is about to reveal. Keep your heart, prayers, and motives honest, sincere & pure.
1. Learn Together
Get back to your faith roots. Visit a religious museum or historical site to learn more about your faith and the spiritual part of your community. Go to Bible Study Together. Pray together. Have Bible Study together. Schedule this date on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll have the whole night ahead of you to discuss what you learned (and to see if there’s any chemistry between the two of you)!
2. Light Up the Night
The holidays are coming! Take a date to a Christmas light show, holiday parade or tree-lighting celebration. All of these ideas are fun for those who hold their faith close to their heart; not to mention they provide quite the romantic backdrop as well!
3. Ride Off Into the Sunset
Watch the sunset together. There’s something magical about the light and glimmer of the sun’s rays as they splash against the landscape for those last few minutes before nightfall. Take them in with someone special and thank the Lord for giving you this moment of solitude and beauty!
4. Who Says Dating Godly Can’t Be Fun?
It may seem impossible for you to find the right mate. It may seem like you’re never going to find “the one” that God meant for you. You’ve been hurt, lied to, cheated on, and you probably just have thrown in the towel. But you know God isn’t sleeping right? What seemed impossible for you previously is now coming into reality! Impossible is God’s specialty! Ask God direction! Breakups are difficult but if you trust God and do the inner work, you can heal and recover and bounce back stronger than ever. Trust me! What’s coming next will OVERSHADOW anything you’ve had in the past because their love for you will be so OVERWHELMING, and constantly keep your heart OVERJOYED.



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