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Adopt-A-Street Program Needs You

By keeping our streets and streams clean of trash and yard debris we prevent storm drains and streams from clogging up as well as decrease a number of harmful pollutants in our waterways. These programs provide citizens, businesses, clubs, and associations the opportunity to make a difference in their community. Each group is allowed to pick a section of a stream or street that is significant to them (i.e. a road on which you live, or near a park where your family goes, or where your business is located). Upon completion of the first cleanup, the City will create the Adopt-A-Stream or Adopt-A-Street sign with your group name and install it at your adopted area.  The City will coordinate with the group leader to provide a tool kit with all necessary items for cleanup, such as gloves, safety vests, safety cones, trash bags, and trash grabbers. Once the items from the section of stream or street are cleaned up the City will be responsible for disposing of the accumulated waste.


There are several benefits of Adopting a Stream or Street:

  • Makes your community more attractive
  • Improves local water quality
  • Helps prevent localized flooding
  • Educational experience
  • Team building opportunity
  • A sign along your section recognizing your group for a job well done!

All interested groups should contact our city Stormwater Specialist, Noah Parsons at 252-296-3305


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