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Rally For Health Care at The General Assembly

TONIGHT: Rally for Health Care at the General Assembly in Raleigh at 6:00 p.m.

Join us tonight for a rally to save our health care outside the North Carolina General Assembly at 6:00 p.m.!

Earlier this month, the United States House of Representatives narrowly passed a disastrous health care bill to take away coverage from 24 million Americans and eviscerate the Medicaid program. On top of that, nine of North Carolina’s congressman voted for it. The fate of our nation’s health care now rests in the hands of the Senate.

On top of that, we have half a million North Carolinians that have been shut out of health coverage options because of the North Carolina General Assembly’s failure to expand access to Medicaid coverage.

These lawmakers need to hear from us. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Join us and our allies at the North Carolina NAACP to rally for our nation’s health care.

Click here to join us today outside the General Assembly in Raleigh to tell lawmakers to protect our health care!


Senate Budget Cut Food Assistance for Families and Children

Cuts to SNAP Benefits Would Affect 133,000 North Carolinians, 51,000 Children


May 17, 2017

Senate Republicans quietly inserted a provision in their budget to cut SNAP food assistance benefits for 133,000 North Carolinians last week, including 51,000 children.


The cuts were not debated or mentioned by Republican leaders, and would not save the state any money, as the food assistance program is 100% federally funded. The cuts are also expected to cause many students from low-income families to lose free and reduced lunch eligibility.


Governor Cooper issued the following statement:


“In addition to giving millionaires tax breaks 60 times larger than middle class families, Senate Republicans quietly slipped a provision in their budget to cut 100% federally-funded food-stamps for 133,000 North Carolinians. This includes 51,000 children, many of whose free or reduced lunch status is jeopardized with this action. This food makes a real difference for families who need it and doesn’t cost North Carolina any state tax money. Lining the pockets of millionaires while going out of the way to make it harder for children to eat is just wrong.”


See how many families and children would be affected by these cuts in Senate District 4 area:





Total Individuals by County


Total Children Age 18 Years and Younger
















For information on all of the counties please visit:


*Source: NC Department of Health and Human Services


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