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How To Choose Your God Fearing Mate Wisely

Editorial & Opinion by Ledra Walker

Before acquiring a Godly mate, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself. Here are a few.

1. Is my boyfriend or girlfriend Godly enough?
2. Will Facebook ruin or help your Godly walk together?
3. Are marriages really made in Heaven?
4. Is there someone out there who is picked out for each of us from our birth?

The idea that marriages are made in heaven sounds romantic, it sounds comforting and it’s obviously very appealing to people, but with the exception of Adam & Eve there is little evidence that God has ever “made” one person for another.
While marriages aren’t “made in heaven,” under the right circumstances God can and will help us pick out the right person for us or our children – the perfect match.
But what kind of circumstances would cause God to seek out this right one for us or our children?
The most obvious: God should be at the center of the relationship, you should wait for Him to reveal that special someone, and pursue. It would seem obvious. If you want God involved in finding the perfect match (i.e. God’s best for your life), it might be wise to get God involved in the beginning of selection process – before the dating gets started.
BUT, is that how it’s done these days? Do single people in our culture usually ask God to help them find the best mate for their lives before they begin dating? Some do… but too often, if God’s consulted at all – it’s more of an afterthought.
SO, the 1st key to a person finding God’s best for their lives or lives of our children – Ask Him
Ask Him
Are you dating now? Ask Him. Do you have a child or grandchild or nephew or niece who’s single? Ask God to find the right person just for them. I’ve heard of parents who start praying at their child’s birth that God would begin right then to prepare the right mate. They have understood that while marriages aren’t “made in heaven” – God will prepare the right person for their child if they are humble enough to ask.
“You’re the one I prayed for!”
I leave you with this: You should want to be a blessing to the mate that God has for you. You should want them to look at you and say “You’re the one I prayed for!” Know that I’m here for you and I’m praying that God send you that special someone, but don’t forget to ask God first!

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