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Driving Jobs Vs Driving With Uber

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Interested in making money behind the wheel? You’re in the right place. In fact, if you’re interested in partnering with Uber or looking for an alternative to being a taxi, bus, limo, delivery truck, or heavy truck driver, this guide provides information to help you decide on the right opportunity. Below you’ll get details about driving requirements, licensing, and average earnings for each type of job.

How many people earn money driving?

A lot. Millions of people in the United States earn money by driving. The most popular driving job in the country is truck driving, with over 1.7 million workers.1 But did you know that you can drive your own car to earn money using Uber? Driving with Uber is a newer opportunity that has only been around since 2012. Despite this, it’s growing quickly because of the earning potential and flexible schedule. Let’s compare.

Uber partner
  • Drive your own car using the Uber app to find riders
  • Set your own schedule
  • Get paid instantly up to 5 times a day

Taxi, chauffeur, or limo driver
  • Work for a taxi company or as a chauffeur for a limo company
  • Pay every week to rent a car from the taxi or limo company(2, 3)
Bus driver
  • Drive for a city, school, airport, or tour company
  • Bus sizes vary from 15 to 100+ passengers(4)
Heavy truck driver
  • Help move goods around the country by driving long-haul routes
  • These vehicles can weigh more than 26,000 lbs(5)
Delivery truck driver
  • Deliver, pick up, and ship small packages around cities and regions
  • These vehicles can weigh 26,000 lbs or less(6)
Courier or Messenger
  • Deliver packages and documents by walking, bicycling, driving, or taking public transit around town
  • Walk or bike long distances and navigate stairs(7)
Average earnings per hour

How much do driving jobs pay?

The chart below shows median earnings for popular driving jobs in 2012 compared to driving with Uber. These figures come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a U.S. government agency. Because Uber is a relatively new way to make money by driving your own car, the Uber earnings figure comes from a newer study in 2014.(8)

Like any job, there are pros and cons to consider with each alternative. For example, when you drive a taxi you often have to work on a set schedule and pay to rent a car from a taxi company. When you drive a heavy truck, you’ll spend a lot of time at motels far from home. And when you partner with Uber, you need to cover your own gas and vehicle expenses. Before you decide, make sure to consider all the factors.


What are the licensing requirements?

Driving any type of motor vehicle is a serious responsibility. That’s why drivers are required to have the right skills, training, and knowledge to operate their vehicle safely.

What’s a CDL? A CDL is a Commercial Driver’s License

To get a CDL, a driver must demonstrate that they possess the physical ability and expertise to operate a commercial vehicle. CDL holders are held to higher standards of safety compared to the general driving public. This means that any serious traffic violations on your record could jeopardize or terminate your CDL certification.(9)

How long does it take to get a CDL?

The length of time varies depending on the program you choose, but it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months.

How much does it cost to get a CDL?

The cost of a CDL can vary between $100 to $300 depending on the program, classes, or type of school you choose. CDL driving jobs include truck drivers and bus drivers, while non-CDL driving jobs include everything from delivery drivers to couriers. You do not need a CDL to drive with Uber using the uberX or uberXL product in most U.S. cities.

What are the insurance requirements?

Some form of insurance is required for all driving opportunities, but the type varies based on which opportunity you choose. State and local laws set minimum coverage requirements and insurance types. Be sure to learn more about insurance requirements once you choose a driving job or job alternative like Uber.

If you choose to drive with Uber, you’ll drive a personal vehicle. That means you’ll at least need to have personal auto insurance that meets your state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements. To learn more about the insurance Uber maintains for every trip on the platform, please see the graphic below and read more about insurance details.

Insurance for rideshare drivers with Uber

* We maintain automobile liability insurance on your behalf if you do not maintain applicable insurance of at least this amount.

** Pays for damages to your vehicle if you maintain auto insurance that includes collision coverage for that vehicle.

Note: Additional coverage will be provided where required by state and local laws. At least this much coverage is provided in all US states for drivers while operating personal vehicles under the transportation network company model.

What do you need to start driving?

Uber partner
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Vehicle model year 2001 or newer (2006 in some cities)
  • Pass a background check
Taxi driver
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Pay an application fee
  • Pass a background check
  • May get fingerprinted
Bus driver
  • Minimum age of 22 years
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a training program
Heavy truck driver
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Obtain a commercial driver’s license
  • Pass a medical physical
  • Pass a private truck driving school or 3-6 month truck driving course
Delivery truck driver
  • Pass a medical physical
  • Operate a manual transmission
  • Obtain a commercial driver’s license
Bike courier or messenger
  • Ability to lift 75 lbs
  • Have a high school diploma

What are the hours like?

The hours vary depending on which opportunity you choose. Some of them are long, some of them are full-time, some are part-time, and others let you work as little or as long as you want. Some have very strict schedules, but others have no set schedules at all.

Do you want to set your own schedule and only drive when it works for you or your family? Or do you want to commit to working on somebody else’s schedule and have less flexibility in your day-to-day life?

Of course, like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to decisions you make. But if you’re interested in taking time off whenever you need it, and not having to ask somebody else for permission to spend time with your loved ones, perhaps you should consider driving with Uber.

So which should I choose?

The best part about driving with Uber is that you can set your own hours. On the other hand, driving jobs like truck driving can have very long hours and strict schedules. The opportunity that works best for you depends on whether you want a traditional full-time or part-time job, or want to work whenever you choose.

We hope you have a better idea of driving options and know which opportunity sounds best for you. If you’re looking for an easy sign-up process, a fast-growing opportunity, and a way to get paid whenever you want for driving your own car, then consider partnering with Uber. It’s available in most U.S. cities and growing.



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