Elm City Commissions New Train Station TODAY

For several years the Town of Elm City has been working towards the relocation and rehabilitation of the old train depot.

CSX Railroad donated the depot, provided the town moved it off their right of way. The town plans to relocate the depot to the vacant town property behind the Methodist Church and rehabilitate the structure into Elm City’s first community center to serve the entire community.

Commissioners Marsha Wells, and Gilbert Wheeler were in attendance with other elected officials at the ribbon cutting and had very fond thoughts on the newly renovated depot.



Photography, Travis Patterson


Photography, Travis Patterson


Photography, Travis Patterson



Photo: From Left to Right: Town Administrator Jonathan Russell, Town Commissioner John Edwards, Mayor Grady Smith, Mayor Pro-Tem Melvin Cooke. Photography, Travis Patterson

Mayor Pro-Tem Melvin Cooke reflected on the rearing of the project,

“For 23 years we have worked on opening this depot”- Melvin Cook

He said that it was moved in 2010, and after working on it for a while, it finally happened. The Town Administrator stated that the project itself totaled $1.2 Million.

As a 4,500 square foot community center for a town, the large interior rooms, especially the largest area with its high vaulted ceilings and large openings, lend themselves to a variety of community activities, including meetings, entertainment programs, indoor markets and craft fairs, wedding affairs, family reunions, and a variety of other community activities, programs and services, including areas potentially suitable for training programs, health clinics, town museum and other special services and activities of interest to the community and its residents.



Photography, Travis Patterson



Photography, Travis Patterson

This building accommodates an almost endless range of possible community-related activities, and in addition, the proposed relocation site would also provide exterior space to accommodate related outdoor activities, including a plaza off the side of the depot for outdoor events.

-The Town of Elm City


-Travis Patterson


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