For The Love Of Dogs NC Annual Fundraiser Invitation

For The Love Of Dogs NC, a no-kill dog shelter is having their annual fundraiser Thursday at their main location, 5146 Quaker Rd, in Wilson. It begins at 4:30 and lasts until sundown. There will be food and items to purchase.


Max and Della Fitz-Gerald, cofounders of the nonprofit, said they hope the whole community will come out and get to know the work they and their volunteers do all year round.


“We get calls daily from people who need our help – all times of day and all through the night,” Della said. “We have situations where people get sick and can no longer keep their animals. We take them.”


Max said there are old dogs that need a place to go. “Some folks no longer want their dog when it gets old,” Max said. “They want a new puppy to take the old dogs place. I tell them to bring us the elderly dog. We take the dogs nobody wants.”


In fact, Max said much of their work revolves around dogs with special needs. “Not many people will take a blind dog or a dog with three legs,” Max explained. “They are loving animals that need the same things as a young and healthy dogs needs.”

The Fitz-Geralds spend, on average, $15,000 a month. They don’t charge a fee for just walking in the door. “Once a week – Wednesdays –  Dr. Penny comes to our Wellness Clinic to help the animals brought in,” Max said. “It is a long day each Wednesday. We want to have the clinic twice a week so more people can bring their animals to get help.”


Max and Della said everyone is welcome to come, visit and have a good time.

“Come and see,” Della said. “Ask questions. We will be glad to have you.”


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