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Former Gang Member Featured In Upcoming Film With Burk Uzzle

Newsletter: David Raymond, F/11 And Be There

We found ourselves back in Wilson, North Carolina after Burk had shared with us that he had connected with a group of former gang members that have entered a leadership program (CLASS, Community Leaders Ascending Substantial Success founded by City Councilman Derrick Creech and Dr. Rusty Stephens) and are doing community work.  One of the people, Theophilus Newkirk, was a late addition to the Greenville show.  Shirtless, photographed from the back, against a wall with a portion of his 60 tattoos in evidence.

What was not seen in that image was the 11 gunshot wounds that he received one night in January 2016 while visiting his father with his girlfriend, Lawanna and one of her friends, who also got shot 9 times that evening.  The irony was that he was not even the ultimate target.  The shooter, who Theophilus had known since he was a toddler was looking for a friend of Theophilus’ that he could not locate.

Theophilus was generous enough to allow us to film him being photographed and to document his bullet wounds.  Both he and Lawanna also shared much during interviews with us.  Burk’s plan is to photograph many of the gang members and document their stories for his next series.

– David
Watch the trailer for F/11 AND Be There

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