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    how much I’ve used this site and how many Ars Clans I’ve been in over the years I kinda owe it to the site by this point.)I’m Andy and I’m an Arsian foodie. A nerdy foodie. Like Alton Brown minus the culinary skills and charm. I just like the science and eating parts of cooking.
    But my girlfriend and I just got our first place together and while looking for options to expand our menu beyond ramen, frozen dinners and ‘American Staples.’That’s when I started looking into Food Subscription Services like Plated, Blue Apron, and Chefd. I’m not looking to cut costs here, because they aren’t cheap. But in an effort to eat better and have more recipes in my arsenal, they could be helpful.Does anyone else use these services and what is your experience with them? Do any of them take the Alton Brown approach of actually telling you WHY you are doing what you are doing and why things work the way they do? I’d pay extra for that.

    Please help.

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