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Lake Wilson Notice

The City of Wilson needs to inspect the gates and equipment at the Lake Wilson dam to ensure its long-term, safe use. During the inspection this Spring, the lake level will be lowered up to six feet to allow for a thorough inspection. The lake will be allowed to return to its normal level once the inspection is complete.

Why is the inspection needed?

The gates in the Lake Wilson dam are original parts from 1962. While all equipment is still working well, we need to inspect the dam components as part of routine, proactive maintenance. The lake water level needs to be lower so we can conduct a full inspection.

What will happen after the inspection?

We expect that the gates will need to be replaced. Once the inspection is complete, we will identify all of the components to be replaced and will develop plans. The replacement project will start later in the summer.

Is the Lake Wilson dam still safe?

Yes, there are no safety issues with the Lake Wilson dam. This project is routine maintenance that the City of Wilson has been planning for the last few years.

Will Lake Wilson Park be open during the inspection and construction?

Yes, the park will remain open through both phases. The walking trails and disc golf course will be open all summer. Boating will be restricted when the lake levels are down. We will post signs at the park when boating is not allowed. Fishing will be available throughout the project.

Why is this project being done over the summer when I usually enjoy Lake Wilson Park?

Projects like this one need to be done in certain weather conditions. Conditions in the winter are not ideal for this type of work.

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