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Net Neutrality and why it’s important to you


The internet is a big vague mass that most people truly do not understand or access. I sometimes compare it to the wild west, an open frontier that is as old as time and pockets of it are slowly being discovered by man.

The internet is full of different people, places, and ideas that are free to be shared reacted to, and used to some extent.

We saw talent being found from places like YouTube, Vine, and even Facebook. Truly a land of opportunity.

Just like the open frontier where freedom reigns, there are those that have stakes in the land that are trying to expand their control. Those that want to increase their profit margins by hampering down on your freedoms.
CNBC is reporting today that Ajit Pai, head of the Federal Communication Committee, is looking to take away the regulation put in place by the Obama administration to force Internet Service Providers to treat all internet content equally.
This basically means an internet provider, currently, cannot censor your internet experience in any way by slowing your connection on sites or blocking a site completely. Pai believes removing this regulation will bring in more revenue to these companies.
Companies such as Comcast, AT&T, and Charter are and have been heading up the anti-Net Neutrality lobbying group in DC.
The issue is that people are not being heard. There is a generational gap in who knows about this issue with Millennials leading the way. For liberals, I’d suggest using the Native Americans claiming their land on the basis of manifest destiny.
Whereas to explain this issue to a conservative, use the infringement of freedoms granted by the Constitution.
In 2015 Net Neutrality was held up by a 4-3 vote. Now, with Trump’s nominee being openly against your online freedoms and for the providers claiming they deserve to charge people on services they don’t own the rights to and no one does. If you don’t like this and believe we should maintain Net Neutrality, call your senator. If you like it removing the regulation do the same. Stay active and stay informed.


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