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Restaurant Reviews & Restaurant Grades and More Additions For You!!

Look For New Additions For You!!!

Everybody seems to have a tight schedule. Even our children have
planners. At the same time, we need our dollar to stretch far. With that in
mind, TWP will be introducing features with the information you can use to
understand finances better and do it within your schedule. We’ve got some
exciting writers coming and they will be doing interviews with people to help
with finance, housing, education and many other topics.
Look for our new features all designed with you in mind.

New this week:


The restaurant review. Our TWP Foodie will be traveling all over N.C.
eating at restaurants, grills and food trucks all to let you know who is
serving the best food. TWP Foodie will let you know if the service at the
restaurant matches the food, going to chain restaurants and individually
owned bistros.


Want to know the grade on your favorite eatery? We’ll post it right here.

From car repair, grocery stores, convenience stores to department stores –
whether it is a chain or mom and pop business – we will tell you about the
customer service all over eastern N.C. If the business welcomes you and
works their hardest to give you great service – we will tell you.
If they don’t give great service, we will tell you that as well.

TWP cares about this community and is dedicated to information you need
to make your life just a little bit easier


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