Food Lion: August 2017 Review

There is nothing like getting great customer service. Whenever I have had a wonderful customer
service experience, it makes me smile. I know I feel as if I have just done business with a
person who wants me to come back again and again.
That sense of “good service” was not what I experienced at the Food Lion on Lipscomb Road
last week. I had run into the store leaving my keys in my car with a family member. On my
keychain was my MVP card. It is hot so the family member wanted the option to leave the air
conditioning on in the car. Afterall, I wouldn’t be long. I wasn’t. I knew what I wanted and where
it was.
As I walked to the line to check out I noticed a little sale item I didn’t come in for but decided to
pick it up to buy anyway. I didn’t have my MVP card, so I asked the young clerk if she would
please scan the store’s card.
To my surprise, she said, “No. We are not allowed to do that anymore. We get written up if we
do that. Besides, the store loses money when we do that for customers.” She gave me the neck
roll. In my customer service world, an understanding clerk would say, “I would love to do it for
you, but it is a new policy. Can I ask a manager for you?” The clerk standing in front of me
looked as if she wanted a confrontation.
I thought, really? The store loses money on the MVP item if she scans the MVP card?
So, I asked the checkout clerk if was this is a new policy because I had been in the store before
and there was never a problem giving me that kind of service. In some stores, you can access
your discount by giving them your phone number. She said abruptly, “Yeah, it’s new.”
She stared at me, rather defiantly, with a look that felt like “ if you don’t like it too bad.” There
were people in the back of me in the line and my car was running, so I paid the few extra cents and
went on my way. If the policy was in place, I was sure that Food Lion had a good reason. But
what about making it easier by letting their patrons use a phone number to access the discount.
I tried calling the store to talk about my experience, but nobody ever answered the customer
service line in the five times I called. I am sure they were busy.
When I called the customer service number, 800-210-9569, I was told that customer service is
very important and clerks can scan the MVP card for customers. The customer service line
person said she had never heard of anyone being written up for scanning the MVP card for a

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