Sales & Advertising Jobs With The Wilson Post News and Media

Full Time & Part Time B2B Sales & Advertising

with The Wilson Post News & Media, Wilson, NC 27893

Job Description

Become Part of One of The Most Exciting, Fast Growing Industries:

The Wilson Post News & Media provides a low-cost news & mobile friendly entertainment service that gives subscribers the ability to immediately watch the media that they care about most!

Many businesses including clinics, restaurants, spas, consultants, business incubators, delis, churches, pizza shops, bars, retail stores, nail and hair salons, and MANY OTHER BUSINESS TYPES WANT & NEED OUR AUDIENCE TRAFFIC!

There are currently over 290 Million mobile phone users in the United States alone.  Of these mobile phone users, nearly two-thirds purchase goods and services based on either recommendations or strategic ad placement.  With nearly 91% of all Americans having their cell phone with them at all times, it has become a common sight to see people everywhere with their heads buried in their cell phones or watching entertainment On-Demand!

Research shows that over 95% of business owners are currently trying to maximize the earning potential by searching for new ways to interact and engage with their existing customers to build and maintain the best relationship.  Business owners can now subscribe as a NETWORK COMMUNITY PARTNER and have their commercial ads following The Wilson Post News and Shows on a TV in their location, which leads to repeat purchases and more business potential from increased referrals.

Now is the perfect time for business owners to have The Wilson Post Magazines for their customers while watching TWP Breaking News, and Locally Produced TWP OnDemand Entertainment. Businesses need to grow customers and clients daily. Help them to leverage their existing customers with NEW CUSTOMERS to increase their floor traffic, ultimately increasing sales!

You’ll be the first to talk to over 843,977* merchants about this exciting new service!

*Source: Small Business Association 2015


The Wilson Post News & Media’s Compensation Program:

  • Earn $50,000 – $80,000 your FIRST year!
  • Earn 10% Commission on every sale!
  • Commissions paid Bi-Weekly!
  • We provide all training, sales tools, and sales support!
  • Advancement & Management opportunities available!


Job Requirements

Phone Sales – B2B.
If you’ve sold phones, retail credit cards, insurance, tv service, cable, merchant or payment processing, gift cards, print, digital or radio advertising, insurance or any other product to customers this is the perfect fit for you. If you have relationship building and management experience, it is highly desired.
This is an outstanding opportunity for anyone with a high school diploma and a HIGH SALES DRIVE.
Background issues can be discussed during the interview.

Ready, Set, APPLY!