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Commissioners’ Accomplishments | 2017

Did you know Wilson County Commissioners approved over $4 million in grants that support health, safety, emergency management, child/family well-being and more? It’s all here in the 2017 Commissioners Accomplishments. While there’s not enough room ...
March 17, 2018

Wilson County Property Tax Listing Notice

TAX LISTING NOTICE Listing Begins Tuesday, January 2nd And Ends on Wednesday, January 31st TIME: MONDAY – FRIDAY  8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. YOU ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO LIST FOR PROPERTY TAXES ANY ...
December 11, 2017

Secretary Elaine Marshall and Democrat Chair Betty McCain at the ...

Current Chair and Secretary Elaine Marshall in The Wilson County Court House at The Wilson Democratic Convention.
April 8, 2017