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NC Department of Agriculture says that controversial animal advocates, Max and Della Fitz-Gerald, co-founders of For The Love Of Dogs NC, are not giving their dogs continuous water and even though the dogs may look ...
August 28, 2017
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Former Gang Member Featured In Upcoming Film With Burk Uzzle

Newsletter: David Raymond, http://www.f11andbethere.com/blog/ We found ourselves back in Wilson, North Carolina after Burk had shared with us that he had connected with a group of former gang members that have entered a ...

July 2, 2017
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Wilson Photographer Burk Uzzle Featured In Upcoming Film

Newsletter: Jethro Waters, http://www.f11andbethere.com/blog/ A Different Kind Of Bulb September feels like several lifetimes ago. In the time since we began this film, the world has taken on a vastly different hue. And even if ...
July 2, 2017
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The Liberal Elite vs. The Hourly Worker

Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" speech was both a label and a rallying cry for Trump voters.
June 28, 2017
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