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The United States of Dissonance

On Wednesday, President Trump was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He was stumping for the new Senate health care bill, “The Wall”, and to begin his campaign for reelection for 2020 (3 years early I might add). President Trump, more than anything else, knows his base and knows how to feel out a room. Donald Trump despite many of his negatives knows a lot of the issues on the minds of both sides of the aisle, even though he is infamous for his name calling. It is without question “The Donald” is best held on the stump than in the oval office for many reasons. On the stump, there is no leash for this junkyard dog. He gets on the stump and sees red but speaks clearly about how he feels. People claim this is the same phenomenon seen on his Twitter. That remains to be seen to me as it’s sort of a mixed bag and is sometimes strategically good PR. While he is on the stump it is more like me seeing and believing that the man really believes what he’s saying, but only when he is not reading from a teleprompter.

Today, the President was standing behind a podium in middle America with a teleprompter that he barely read from, this had his communications team scared to death and probably Republican elected officials scared as well. Trump, as tradition, spoke about the wall. How great a wall it will be and about how much Mexico will be paying. However, he created a way for Mexico to get a discount. By making the wall solar, the President believes that this will make the wall pay for itself and this new detail about the wall received a surprising amount of claps from the crowd. Just weeks ago, Trump was praised for leaving the Paris Agreement by his base which was an initiative to make the planet more sustainable in the coming years by having countries reduce emissions. Trump has also claimed that we need to invest more in coal and other natural gases. So why not make the wall a coal factory? This sort of dissonance from Trump and his followers is discerning. There are questions that arise from this. I’ll lay out just one.

Is Trump a genius, or is he just ignorant on the issues of global warming and how green energy is the unlimited power of the future? As a hypothetical, let’s just assume Trump knew how to pass legislation. This would be the best way to get Democrats on board with developing a plan for the wall as Democrats believe that green energy is the wave of the future. The problem is, the administration and Congress would have to reshape the issue of the wall from immigration to energy independence. That could be sold to Democrats and Republicans in a compromise that could bring the country together. The wall has been a stretch, but with this in play, we could be looking at a game changer. Coming back to reality, we are looking again at a man that has shown zero evidence of being able to get things done in Washington DC. He has spout out several ideas, and plans, but fails to stay on message and fails at being able to articulate plans to the public that work. This to me is just another thing he saw on the internet that he thought would be a good idea. On many conservative leaning websites and social media pages, there have been memes saying that “even if Trump came out with a ‘solar wall’ Dems would still be against it”, I believe Trump is turning these memes from dreams into a reality to test Democrats. It’s a PR game Donald is playing to make the Democrats seem unreasonable, a narrative the Republicans have been pushing since they have taken a majority in every part of the government. Strangely this narrative is working despite Democrats only having minority say in DC.


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