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What is clarity to Trump?

Wilson (NC) ~ Being a first time anything is tough. No professional job is easy and usually requires background knowledge, but most of the skill and routine is learned on the job. We know Trump likes to be seen as a strong and robust leader that is fearless and will stand up to the people that he has laid out to be enemies during his campaign. 

Those are the things that are clear to us that he stands on firmly and what he believes. Every other situation is questionable when it comes to where this president will go. While President Trump was on the stump during the 2016 campaign, he spout incoherent references to our allies and his opponent Hillary Clinton that were breaking news by the mainstream media as they were seen as threats or a complete 360 view on American policy. As President, he has continued that thinking and it has now entered into the international stage. Though I agree that it is in the interest to tell our NATO allies to raise their defense spending to 2% of their GDP, I also believe that diplomacy is imperative. 

Donald Trump’s clarity is to not sugar coat and to say it in the nastiest way he has thought of. As he’s shown, that’s only accurate in reference to the United States’ allies. Donald Trump said on the campaign that Saudi Arabia is the cause of terror in the Middle East as well as 9/11. When face to face with the Saudi’s he stated “we are not here to lecture” which is a show of dissonance of his speeches previously as his approach during his trip seemed to embrace the Saudi’s and distance our allies. This remark was praised by the political right and rebuked by the left. This shows a dissonance amongst the American people as the right’s stance has been to lecture Islam where the left has been to embrace them as the faith of peace. Donald Trump’s since of clarity is forever dividing the American people and will continue to tarnish our reputation abroad as his internal struggles enter into the political realm and leaves our political atmosphere in disarray.

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