Wilson Preparatory Academy Fundraiser For Houston Schools

Come see a basketball game and raise money for victims of Harvey Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 5pm at Wilson Preparatory Academy in the new gym at the school. Tickets are $5 each. This basketball game will feature students vs teachers. WPA is located at 2755 Tilghman Rd.

This fundraiser came about when three high school juniors  looked at the devastation in Houston after Hurricane Harvey and were troubled by what they saw. Raigan Avent, Davis Barefoot and Karsten Woodard said when they thought about the families who have been put out of their homes because of flooding, they knew it was up to them to help.

The students presented the middle and high school principal, Phillip Rountree, with their plan.

And of course, the whole school – administrators, teachers, and students K through 11, are on board.

“I think the basketball game is a great idea,” Rountree said. “ It will allow us to have fun and raise money while we do it. When I think about the people who locked arms to save their fellow man, we just want to be part of that good work.”

Daryl Woodard, founder  executive director, has already contacted Ann Scott, Houston Foundation executive director of Houston Independent School District. “Can you imagine preparing for school and then a storm hits and lives are changed?” Woodard asked. “That is what happened there in Houston on Aug. 28th. If I can give you some idea of the numbers, there are around 12,000 students in Wilson. Houston has over 200,000 students in that district. And of those students nearly 70 percent qualify for free or reduced lunch. ”

Scott said students and their families need help like never before. “We have a significant number of students who are refugees,” Scott said. “We teach anyone who comes through our doors. And many of the families are struggling with life.”

Woodard said  he is proud that his students think of others. “We teach our students to embrace helping your neighbors and our neighbors are in Texas,” Woodard said. “We are going to do our best to help.”


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