WPA Scores High on End Of Grade Tests

Wilson Preparatory Academy announced that their scholars have met 94.4 percent in growth in reading and math for grades 3 through 8. WPA officials said they are most proud of the fact that 98.2 percent of all students met and exceeded the Department of Public Instruction of North Carolina’s growth projections in math. In reading scholars received  87.4 percent. In the heavily weighted, highly measured Student Achievement category, WPA scored a “B,” according to Daryl M. Woodard, founder and executive director of WPA.

WPA scored in the top 12 percent in N.C. for math and reading grades 3-8; the top 6 percent in  5 through 8th grades in science; and the top 2 percent in  EVAAS(Education Value-Added Assessment System), a formula the state uses to predict academic growth.  

The EOG measure students’ cognitive ability and their ability to apply grade appropriate abstract ideas. These standards are established by NC Department of Public Instruction.

 Woodard said he is proud of what WPA scholars have achieved. “We call our pupils scholars here, and as our scores show, we are excited about learning here at WPA,” Woodard said smiling. “This is only the beginning.”

One of the tools WPA uses is the Liberty Leadership Development model. Dr. Randall Sampson, the founder of the program, developed this nationally renowned k-12 innovation blended learning process that has served as the lead architect of Wilson Preparatory Academy’s customized Blended Learning Process five years ago.

“The WPA outcomes achieved are the results of deeper learning design for student-centered learning,” Randall said. “Over a three-year period, WPA was built on the following four-focus area. First, competency-based learning, focusing on mastery orientation of content. Second, personalized learning, focusing on customizing the learning based on the need of the student. Third, student-owned learning where the focus is on providing student voice and choice in the learning process and finally, anytime – anywhere learning. That means blended learning and project-based learning to extend and enrich learning.”

Beverly Woodard, elementary school principal, and Phillip Rountree, middle and high school principal, said hard work pays off. Beverly Woodard said she is just ecstatic about the test results. Phillip Rountree said having a safe school for all who come to WPA promotes learning.

“In addition to a safe school, I put a great teacher in front of each scholar,” Rountree explained. “So when you look at the test scores it really paid off. Those are two ingredients for great test scores. The best is yet to come.”   

WPA officials said they have had great results since their inception three years ago. Their academic and achievement growth has almost doubled every year, Randall said.  “Scholars and parents want to be in a learning environment that guides our scholars in college and career readiness,” Randall said. “Test results  at WPA are what students and parents expect for themselves, WPA teachers are the facilitators of the learning. WPA prides itself on being a rigorous academic institution for all kids, we are proud that students and families are owning the learning process and being accountable for their learning. Our focus is to empower students as they move forward in the learning journey.”

Rountree and Woodard said they will continue working hard to continue to get great results.

“We are proud of our parents, teachers, and scholars,” Woodard said. “Our motto is Educate, Motivate, Graduate.”



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