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You Are Not Crazy, You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Editorial From V. Nicole
First and foremost, this isn’t for the people that do just as much as their mate and you both are keeping score on getting back schemes. This is for the people that love their mates no matter what and stick by their sides through it all.  If you have dealt with this person and given them all of you and even parts of you that you didn’t know you had then I am talking to you.


If your relationship is at a standstill and you feel like you are the only one fighting for it, then you may be enduring some abuse as well. Many people think because no physical abuse has happened, they are in a good place. Me, personally, I would rather be beaten every day than to be emotionally torn apart.

If you have a partner that never allows you to verbalize how you feel and what matters to you, then you are being emotionally abused. The worst part of a day is to have something on the inside and can’t let it out.

To be grown and have someone force you to act as an unloved child and sit and shut up is wrong on so many levels, yet there are people that endure this.

If your lover talks all day about anything they want and then shut you up when the conversation steers to your unhappiness then they are in the wrong and you need to not think that it is you or your fault.

Some people have mates that found fault in everyone they associated with and on the strength of trying to make their relationship their top priority they cut everyone for the most part, but now their partner doesn’t fill the void so they are left lonely and isolated.

They are living with emotional abandonment, which is another form of emotional abuse. Believe it or not some people want their mate to report their every move and never once will they willing tell where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing and they try to manipulate your thinking process so that they are right and you are wrong, please know they are totally wrong and this is emotional abuse.

Give what you want to receive has always been the proper way to live. Then you have the person that seems to be busy trying all day to make sure that the home is clean and the meal is ready and when your significant other comes home they call you lazy and you feel like falling apart because your body is exhausted so you know worked hard and now your feelings are hurt because of how they reacted to your efforts, this too is another sign of emotional abuse.

To have a mate that is always going out and being around people but never allowing you to go with them eventually makes you feel inadequate like something is wrong with you, this is nothing short of emotional abuse. This is something that hurts very deeply because it makes you question everything about yourself, trying to figure out why you aren’t good enough for anything publicly showing that you are attached and in love.

To have your mate speak and talk to everyone so nice except you is also another painful experience of emotional abuse. They have all the manners and charisma for their family, friends and even strangers, but if you say the smallest thing to them the world changes.

The person you love treating you like a barking dog and only giving commands and a few pats on the head here and there is not the way you wanna spend your life.

There are many ways to categorize emotional abuse because it runs so deep and most physical abuse usually heals within a few weeks but emotional abuse scars the soul.

Usually, when a person is emotionally abusing you, it’s because of they aren’t truly happy with themselves. Don’t be confused, some of the most popular people in the world suffer from low self-esteem and insecurities. To deal with a person not happy and loving themselves can make you feel like you are sleeping with the enemy because of how they attack you.

To anyone dealing with this type of relationship, please know that it isn’t you, nor are all of the problems that unfold in your relationship. I know what it feels like for a person to make you think that they wished you were dead and trying to kill you, but they never laid a finger on you.

I know what it feels like to have a love that’s so deep it can’t be explained and the person you are giving it to can’t fathom or reciprocate the emotion back. Hold your head, either deal or walk away, only you can make you stay………


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